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After several attempts at building a home-made over the dash shelf for my wee, I decided that buying one would be a better option.
Researched and decided on the shelf by Richland Rick – Adventure Tech LLC.
Ordered on a Sunday, Received an e-mail from Gloria on Monday that payment was received and that Rick would paint the shelf on Tuesday and ship it on Wednesday. Wednesday I received a shipping notice from USPS and it was on my porch on Saturday.
Easy install even counting the fact that after reading several posts about not losing the spacer down into the fairing, I did just that. It was my fault as I was excited about getting it installed. Hint, plug a rag in the holes below the mounting points to keep that from happening. They go in way easier than they come out :).
Have not had a chance to take a ride and check it out due to weather, but the quality looks great and the service was top notch.
Another happy Adventure Tech customer
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