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Adventure tech gps ball

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Good evening wonderful people. I’m putting a wish list together for adventure tech. The website says there gps bar is for 2012 and up. I watched the video and my 2012 is different. I’m also running a air flow windshield. Does anyone have experience with this combo? Thanks for any info
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I think the video shows an aftermarket Cal Sci windscreen. On my 2015 DL650, the Givi Airflow and Adventuretech GPS mount work just fine together (though I don't think I've tried the lowest mounting position for the Airflow base).
The DL650 GPS mounts range from 2004 to 2011 (Gen 1), 2012 to 2016 (Gen 2), and 2017 to current.

Any windscreen that fits the stock mount will work with any of our GPS mounts.

Feel free to send messages with specific questions or better yet call. The number is on our website under "contact."
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