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I use this rack and it's very well put together with no rattles at all. I liked the idea of adjusting the fore/aft position of the top box based on whether or not my wife was riding but truth is I adjusted it all the way to the rear and haven't touched it since. There are some who've essentially done the same thing with spacers and the stock rack. Considering the price of the Amotostuff one it might be worth looking into. But aside from that, I've had no complaints with the fit, installation, or results of mine.

I don't notice a difference with or without the top box mounted but my wife sure likes the sense of security that she has something to lean against with it mounted vs without it. The one and only time I've noted a difference in handling was when I put ~50 lbs of chili peppers in mine that I picked up at a farmers market -- admittedly overloaded but it was a short ride home. That's way more than I usually put in there and it felt like the "tail wagging the dog" -- but you should always put heavier items in side bags and my top box usually just has my jacket liner, water bottles, maps, extra glove, munchies .... light stuff like that.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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