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Years ago I purchased a new LED lighting accessory called “Light Bar” for my '07 VStrom 1000 from a fairly new Canadian company called AdMore Lighting. The Bar provided additional tail, brake, and turn lights. It worked great for 80k miles and was still working when I sold the VStrom. Over the years I got to know David, one of the company owners, by beta testing a couple of new products for them, and posting the results here on StromTrooper as "kenneth_moore." After being out of touch with AdMore for a while I ran into David at the Twisted Throttle booth at Daytona last March. He showed me their new Light Bar, and I’ve just installed one on my FJ-09.

Although the basic functionality is the same (tail, brake, license plate, and turn signal lights), this new Light Bar is much more sophisticated than the original. It’s far more compact, the base and bracket are now aluminum instead of steel and plastic, and the LEDs are much smaller but unbelievably bright. The bar is “smart” now. It has a processor chip and firmware, which allows the user to connect to it via USB port and laptop and program its functions, like setting the turn signals to be progressive, or enabling the white LEDs as a license plate light. It also has an accelerometer, which you can program to activate the brake light function without actually pulling or stepping on the brake levers. You can read more details on the functions and features at the AdMore website.

Installing the Light Bar on the FJ-09 was super easy, and I'm sure it'll be just as easy on any VStrom. Identify the tail, brake, and turn light wires. The Light Bar will install nicely to any license plate mount with the included bracket. Then route the Bar's wires under the seat. AdMore includes all the Posi-Tap connectors you need, and you don’t have to cut or splice any wires with the Posi-Taps. Just peel back enough of the sheathing that covers the individual wires to make the connections.
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