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Morning all.

I've just posted a design on Thingiverse for 3D printed adaptors for 10mm Mini Indicators to suit our bikes. They also resolve some issues with these indicators, that may or may not affect you.

Anyway, the text there reads:

I like to make sure I'm visible while riding my motorcycles. On my touring bike - more lights on the front, and extra brake lights on the back, that run a short flash cycle when activated. But on my little sports bike not so easy.

I found some cool 10mm mini indicators on eBay that were multipurpose. The front indicators were daylight running lights when the yellow LED wasn't flashing. The rear could be tail or brake lights when the yellow LED wasn't flashing. Sounds close.

Suzuki indicators have a particular shape where they meet the body of the bike, so an adaptor seemed the solution.

Problem 1: These mini indicators have a real design flaw - the 10mm hollow threaded rod is only attached to the body of the indicator with a dab of polyurethane glue - do up the nut on the threaded rod and the threaded rod pulls out of the indicator. I couldn't get acceptable tension on the nut without popping the indicator off which was disappointing.

So the design here has a 10mm jack nut (or half nut) that gets "loctite'd" to the threaded rod. Now I can crank up the tension as I'm now pulling on the half nut and the adaptor.

Problem 2: So my riding buddy tells me the indicators (flashing yellow at least) are not "real bright". So I've added a small LED bulb also off eBay for about a dollar each, and problem solved. For this there is a model with an additional 3mm hole for it's power cable.
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