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I was going to be fancier about this, but it's been long enough that now I mostly want to get this out of the way. I'll add pictures when I can, but for now...

Parts reviewing in order:
-California Scientific windshield
-Madstad windshield bracket
-Suzuki handguards
-Outback Motortek centerstand
-skid plate
-SVracing skid pegs/frame sliders
-Precision Motorcycle Rack soft saddlebag rack

The California Scientific Windshield has been excellent for me. I did try it without a Madstad bracket first. I think for someone a bit shorter, it would be quite excellent "as is" (I'm 6' w/ 32 inseam I think). I needed it to come up and out just a bit. The handlebars with the covers were bumping just a bit. might be more of a complaint of the handlebar covers at that. Just a note.
With the Madstad, I find the windshield perfect. I think.. The visibility is excellent. I do look over, but if i need to look through, then it is quite clear and not distorted at all. The wind flow is ideal. Better than I could have made if i had the same resources i think. Probably opinion on this point, but having the cutout in the lower area of the shield is an excellent decision i think. Personally, I would rather have an even temp all around rather than some areas being warmer or better vented than others. The cutout allows the airflow to be balanced quite well to my taste. I was a bit concerned that it would blow too much. Create a pressure or temp difference in an off point if you will. eh. It can get cold on the really cold days, but i still prefer the balance it provides. My hands remain the weak point even with guards and a hole in the shield.
So there is that. In a more definable way? Lets see. The price was good. Service was excellent.
Yes, lets focus on that for a moment. So, I first got the windshield without the bracket? That's actually a different shield. Worth noting if you are looking at buying one. That said, since i took care of the shield they replaced it quite readily. And fast! with all of the people i purchased from I have been most pleased with their speed and ... ease of communication.
If I mailed or ordered something, it only took a day or two before I had it in hand or heard from them. More specifically, the first order arrived fast. When I returned to exchange, they had received it quickly and contacted me, to make sure of precisely what was needed, quickly and clearly. My only complaint would come during installation.
I do think that they could improve on the installation instructions without going to a lot of trouble. The instructions were all text with a few unfamiliar words. Now, the text was clear, and the few words could be figured out with ease, but having just a simple 'exploded view' would be easy and helpful. The mechanically minded won't care, and the instructions are sufficient. There really isn't a lot you can do wrong anyway, but I do think it can be improved all the same. So, would I buy again? Absolutely! Looks good, works great, and good service. Install could be better, but .. still beats most other parts.
I also got their side wind plates, but haven't felt any need for them. particularly as it requires drilling.

I don't have a lot to say about it really. But that's good! I think. As for ordering it, it arrived fast. Solid materials. Works great. I'd be curious to see the amount of improvement for an inferior windshield. Didn't need any service as it were. I don't see any reason to think I ever will. I'll need to check about install instructions. They were clear as I recall. About on par with the windshield i think? I'll make sure to update this at some point.
The main reason I ordered it was to raise the shield just a few inches, which it does excellently. It took a few tries to find the best position for me, but now my shield is in excellent location. Wind flow is good. No noise or buffeting. Only the lightest contact on one side of the handguards. I may attempt to adjust that out. Not sure I care enough. It only matters a bit when parking.
Um. Buy again? Not sure i'll ever need to, but yeah! I'd buy it again. worth every cent. Kinda wish i had more to say in their favor, but really, the number of recommendations, with no complaints to be found, says more than I can.

Suzuki Handguards.
I can't properly review these as they were a gift. they do exactly what i want though. But I will say, I do hope to never test them beyond the wind effects. Since they are all plastic, I don't think they strengthen anything. But, they do block the wind well. Installation was decent. The main through bolts were...soft. I overtightend one by accident and it bent a bit. Not enough to cause trouble, but much sooner than I thought it should. Honestly not what I would buy of my own accord, but for the cost of thanks, they work great. All things considered I can't comment on price or service.

Airflow with these three parts/mods is perfect for me. The original wind shield was... bad. Looks nice! but...caused noise an old vacuum cleaner? Loud. My helmet is supposed to be quiet!
And it is without the base shield! While I was waiting for the CalSci shield I took off the stock shield. It...was better. No, really. It was better without a shield than with the stock shield on all counts, I think. If I stood to get above the natural wind angle, my helmet allowed for a very quiet ride. Quieter than with the current windshield? Um. Not sure. Comparable. I don't really understand the whole buffeting discussion. Is that the same as noise? or is it about wind pressure? Or something else? I haven't felt like I was being pushed around by the wind at any time. Before or after wind mods.
As things stand, I feel more of a need for better gloves than any further needs to modify wind flow.

Centerstand. By Outback Motortek
Worth it? Hard to say. For me, I think it's worth it. If nothing else because I used it IMMEDIATELY after install. No really. I couldn't have installed the skid plate without it. Will come back to that later.
The center stand seems solid to me. Part of my inability to define value is my lack of experience with other stands. This is only my second bike. My first bike had a belt drive and no need for a center stand.
So, material seems good. Given use, it could be lighter i suppose. Would probably demand higher cost to gain that weight though.
Arrived quickly after order. The owner seems to have rebuilt his website around the time I ordered, but it all worked well.
Service was excellent in short. Quick delivery, quick responses to questions.
Installation... here is where experience with other stands would help. Honestly the install was clear and easy, except...for the side stand. Oh, the springs were a bit of a nuisance, but I really can't figure out how to improve that. The side stand was... lets just say that I'm very impressed with the strength of threadlocker. I think, that one bolt took me longer to remove than the entire rest of the installation.
No fault of Mr. Gombos. I'll answer questions about the stand and probably update this later.
I'm pleased with the stand, but I can't really say if it's better than everyone elses.
My foot pegs are still the cornering limiter for those that care about that, but I stick to street and can't comment on spring strength for rough driving. Not much wind here, but i don't think it would blow over too easily. What else? It looks good to me. It's out of the way enough that I don't think any stand would look too bad. Would I buy it again? Good price, solid build, looks good, went on easy, no issues. Sure I'd buy it again.

Outback Motortek skid plate.
I got the smaller skid plate. Again, I'm not going off road a lot on my bike. Maybe someday, after I learn a bit about how. Excellent price, especially for the quality of build. Goes on well. Good instructions (I'll double check that). I'm sure that silver would look good as well. I'm considering changing the bikes color at some point and felt black would be more.. balanced? Anyway, I'm pleased with its appearance and with its apparent strength. I don't really expect to test it.
The one thing that I am concerned with is the bolt by the .. exhaust pipe? The heat seems to have accelerated aging or rust. I'm a bit concerned about removing it for oil change. It might not be an issue in the end. Will update after next oil change.
pPending that one thing I've been extremely pleased with the plate. excellent cost for quality build. Excellent service. Looks good. Would buy again depending on next oil change.
Given my choice of not going with crash bars, there isn't a lot of alternatives. Point being, that I would probably have the same issue with any option. Therefore, I expect the bolt shouldn't be an issue.

SVRacing frame sliders
I really want a better name for all these things. I get confused with crash bars, skid plates, and skid pegs. Too similar. I want to call them fall frame, .. um bash plate actually works, and crash pegs. name aside...
I'm sorry to see all the confrontation around the supplier. I don't see a direct competitor anywhere for the pegs. But, if I decide to buy a fork brace I'll consider extremely carefully. Back to the part itself.
service was eerie fast. I was confused about the color options and send an email, which was answered immediately. During non business hours. And followed by a phone call, after I placed my order, to make sure there was no confusion. (no crash bars matters!) So, on the one hand, no regrets. Fast service. Well put together. Clear instructions. Good materials. My only complaint is at myself, not him. So, as far as all that goes, I'm pleased. Which only makes me more disappointed in the whole confrontation.
I'm pleased with the pegs. I hope never to test them, but I am content with my choice of them rather than bars (frame).
Would buy again? Probably. I'm going to try to stay out of the arguments though.

Precision Motorycle Racks soft saddlebag racks
Another one of those things I don't feel I can review properly. they seem pretty solid. They fit well. Good install instructions. The problem is I haven't figured out how to mount the saddlebags. But as for the bars themselves, I think they are probably exactly what I wanted. Solid, they stay out of the way of any parts. They don't cause any issues with my legs. I think they look good. As I recall, they arrived quickly. I haven't needed to contact them any. Price was excellent. If I get bags that are designed for the bike they are probably perfect. and the bags do go on, but I don't trust the attachments, and it looks ... incorrect. so, I don't really know quite what to make of the bars all told. So far though, I like them. Even if they are only acting as rear end crash bars for now. Maybe if I modded the exhaust I would care more about the particulars. So, overall, I'm pleased, if maybe not quite for the right reasons...

The saddlebags I'll write in better at some point...
They are Cortech super 2.0's I think.

So, apologies to those of you who made a better product than I can review, and I'll fix this up better at some point. Given that I've had this bike since Thanksgiving, I should be able to better review some things, but life has been busy.
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