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ABS and tram tracks

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The times I've come off have either been panic stops and locking the front wheel or trying to navigate tram tracks in wet weather. So far always at relatively low speed and haven't done myself too much harm yet. Hopefully both these problems are gonna be a little less frequent now that my new bike is a Wee with ABS and I've moved to Sydney from Melbourne, which doesn't have trams.

The problem I've had with tram tracks is in the wet when they're running parallel and you have to cross them. On one occasion before I was able to react the back wheel was in front of me and I was down. Very frustrating as I felt I hadn't done anything wrong (it has happened to me twice). Obviously I had as many other motorcyclists stay upright.

There seems to be a few folks who know quite a bit about ABS and I was wondering if anybody has any experience with how ABS responds in the wet tram track situation and how it might be expected to respond.
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if u are not braking as u go across them, ABS or not has no relevance.

If u brake as u go across, the ABS will unlock the wheel and prevent a skid - u will still feel a moment though. if the ABS activates on the front, there will still be a moment of unweighting the front wheel as it release the lock and upset the balance of the bike. So it's probably best not to lock up as u steer around the track. Whenever abs activates, keep the brake lever on as u would otherwise do.

I only rode to Melbourne on very few occassion so cant give u a definitive guide. I would imagine, not braking or accelerating across low traction surface is the best.

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Have you ever considered crossing tram tracks at an angle?
That's what you're supposed to do with train tracks, you know.

Tram tracks are usually recessed into the road, and not so much of a problem, whether you're running parallel or perpendicular to them. I bet you that if you hadn't looked down at where your front wheel met the tracks, you wouldn't haver had any issues...
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