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just a quick update on the Cee Bailey's 28 1/4" windscreen
I ordered it last Friday and it took exactly a week for them to get it to me from California (I live in the UK) so I'm very happy about that, the service was good and they replied to my emails promptly, so I'm happy with the company.
The took about 2 minutes to install and it's huge! I live on a small (tiny) Island where the maximum speed limit is 40mph and that's only for about a mile at a time. I went down to 5 mile road (yup, that's it's name, and you guessed it, it's 5 miles long...imaginative people live here) and I did manage to get up to 70mph (very briefly) and so far I'm thrilled with the quality and the job it does.
so far so good :D

I'm riding to Paris next week, so I'll have a good update on what it's like touring at 100mph and what it does for the fuel economy.
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