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A Tale of Two Fuel Pumps - and Success!

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When I bought my second hand 2012 650 ABS I was unaware it had some surface rust in the tank, after monthly cleaning the strainer and reverse flushing the fine pressure filter, I finally refurbished the inside of the fuel tank, which went well. But my fuel filters were never as efficient as they should have been, leading to poor performance/power.

I didn't like the idea of $650 for a new pump assembly, and the best priced I could find was about $250 for second hand.

Enter - inexpensive overseas suppliers @ AUD$62 for a complete new fuel assembly! After 'careful' inspection I could tell just by looking at the website pictures that it was compatible, never mind the 2007 - 2011 model technobable!

Part arrived quite fast, and I set myself to the familiar task of tank and fuel pump removal. All going well, when suddenly to my surprise it didn't fit, the mounting holes were slightly off, so I filed them to align and all was good, until...

On closer inspection I began to see a number of design changes between it and mine, longer fuel outlet nozzle, fuel gauge orientated at a different position. Hmmm, slightly annoyed at my earlier wishful thinking.

Luckily, I was able to switch the new plastic part of the assembly onto my old metal base - the vertical prongs and fuel pipe aligned, they hadn't changed that! The final challenge was to put my old fuel guage sensor/float onto the new plastic and that was fine too!

Installed everything back and went for a test ride, I now have super-power and even at 125kmph in 6th the bike wants to go even faster.

So hopefully this will be of assistance to anyone else stuck in the same predicament of needing a fuel pump replacement. I could have done the fuel filter by-pass, but I didn't trust myself to get the drilling angle exactly right.

The new pump
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New pump and old pump laughing at me

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Comparison of 2007 - 2011 fuel pump with 2012 +

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All you really have to do is change the pump itself. And the filter sock. That's what I did at least.

Cheap pumps on ebay. Aftermarket ones at least.
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All you really have to do is change the pump itself. And the filter sock. That's what I did at least.

Cheap pumps on ebay. Aftermarket ones at least.
I’d replaced the pump unit and strainer a few times, ultimately the persistent problem was the inaccessible fine filter in the top of the housing.
If the flow rates are sufficient, that #7 strainer should not be a problem.
Question was there no way to make the aftermarket sending unit work, as my 14 had a fouled tank and so after cleaning and pump replacement i have no fuel gauge. No big deal if factory suzuki assembly is only option.
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