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A source for those plastic "rivets" used to hold on plastic body parts

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You know those plastic fasteners that you push in to release, and then can reset to their fully out position for reinstallation, allowing you to push them in the the flush position to lock a body panel in place? Apparently they're called "plastic rivets", but unfortunately there are a lot of other things that go by that term, so they can be difficult to source.

I've found a source for the smaller of the two sizes (6mm diameter) used on my 2008 Wee. Go to ebay and search for item 274361806175. That link will take you to the page, or you can search manually. I'm not getting anything out of this, this isn't an affiliate link or anything like that. As of 12/2022, they're $5.99 for 100, including free delivery. Mine came in about a week.

Now, can anyone find a source for the larger of the two sizes? They aren't used in as many places. One use is holding the lower cover for the ABS unit in place, from underneath.

If you're in the Denver area or passing through, drop by and I'll be happy to give you some, and we can have a beer and you tell me about your travels.
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Harbor Freight has a box of all different shapes and sizes.

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Harbor Freight has a box of all different shapes and sizes.

Thanks. I can't quite tell from looking at the web page -- are any of these the type that you release by pushing the center further in?

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The lower 6 on the diagram are the center pin push type.
HF works or try here: Bolt Motorcycle Hardware

I believe the larger ones are M8 push rivets.

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Uhhhhhh... Suzuki?

It's a leftover vintage bike habit, I guess, but shortly after acquisition of a new-er steed, I always order up a fresh complete suit of OEM bodywork fasteners, along with some oil filters, stuff I might need for the first valve check, drain plug washers, etc.

Judging by what I've seen, not one mechanic or owner in 100 actually knows how to deal with these fasteners, and none seem to own a decent M3 or M4 hex key. So they're always chowdered.

The stuff from Bolt motorcycle hardware works fine, but the originals are indeed a little nicer. The fasteners in the HF kit will work, but they don't work the same (you pull the center instead of pushing) and they look janky in visible places.
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Lowes, But I buy big assortment cases on Amazon since both vehicles, the quad, and the bike use them in different sizes.
you can go to a site like Revzilla and seach for OEM parts under Body/Fairings and can choose exactly which ones need replaced
Cycle Gear has packages of both the large and small plastic rivets.
Dorman is a huge supplier in the automotive industry. Their catalogs have lots of these type fasteners shown. Pics in actual size to compare + dimensions. I ordered a bag of 50 (I think) for not much more than the 5-10pc pkgs stocked in the Help section of the OReillys where I worked.
Thanks for posting this topic, and the ensuing discussion.

I tried ordering a mixed-size set of replacement rivets from Amazon a couple of years ago, figuring it would include any possible sizes I may need. I was wrong.
Cycle Gear has packages of both the large and small plastic rivets.
They do.

They have some smaller kits, too.

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