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800 DE Pricing

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Just settled the deal on mine. 11,000 even out the door +Tax and License at Rockingham Suzuki in NC. Since I live in SC I'll pay that part down here.

Romney Cycle in WV was a little cheaper at $10, 807, but much further away.

Both dealers are no haggle dealers prices with no extra fees. However, Rockingham came down $900 on their "no-haggle price."

The bikes are not expected to arrive in CA until May and then will have to be distributed to dealers from there.
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Rockingham's a really nice shop to deal with. I bought my V-Strom there in 2012, and they do my valve checks on the Super Tenere since they're now also a Yamaha dealer. Their service department is pretty decent to deal with too. Sadly, most of their business is four wheelers, UTVs, etc, so they don't maintain a very big inventory of new bikes. Lots of used ones though, and enough traded in Harleys that they almost look like an HD dealer.
Sadly, those vehicles are the merch keeping the light bill paid. My local dealer tried selling chain saws a couple years ago, desperate to make margin to pay is employees. Motorcycle buyers and new model motorcycles are both a rare thing today. He is selling Chinese ute vehicles to keep the bell ringing.
Still think prices are going to drop with all the Fed's rate hikes. Longer you wait, the better the prices.

Just like houses.

I'm fine with my 2012 677. Not really looking to buy RIGHT NOW. But everyone has different timelines. 🤷‍♂️

I got a quote on a 2023 KTM 790 a month ago. Dealer would not budge on anything and $10.9k OTD was nuts! He has even texted me twice.
The FED just nationalized the banking system and legalized bank robbery and fraud. The last thing I would count on is 'traditional wisdom'. Actually, inflation is reducing the purchasing power of your Doe-larz and it all will be getting more expensive in the future.

"Still think prices are going to drop with all the Fed's rate hikes. Longer you wait, the better the prices."

$12,000 for a dirt bike? The longer you wait - the LESS your worth-less Doe-lar will buy. I guarantee it.

My wife and I took a ride for lunch yesterday. Chicken san, bowl of soup, salad & fries. $53.45

edit: + One beer $7.00 & 1 glass of soda $2.50
Hamburgers were $18.99 I dropped 3 20s and left.
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