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800 DE Pricing

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Just settled the deal on mine. 11,000 even out the door +Tax and License at Rockingham Suzuki in NC. Since I live in SC I'll pay that part down here.

Romney Cycle in WV was a little cheaper at $10, 807, but much further away.

Both dealers are no haggle dealers prices with no extra fees. However, Rockingham came down $900 on their "no-haggle price."

The bikes are not expected to arrive in CA until May and then will have to be distributed to dealers from there.
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The choice was yellow or grey and I went with Yellow (with gold rims).
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No 11,000 and I pay ta and License later.

No doubt I am paying a premium for being an early buyer.
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FYI - the definition of an OTD price is one that includes vehicle, delivery, taxes, registration etc.
Forgive me. It's like I tell my wife, we have already established I don't know shit and I'm just stumbling through life the best I can.
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That is the lowest advertised price I have seen, but does it include all fees? Usually, these prices come with shipping and destination, and dealership fees.

I sent them a contact form to find out.

Edit: Just called and there is a what amounts to about 300 in fees on top of the advertised price, plus tax and license, so it is a VERY GOOD price. About $850 lower than the quote I got from Rockingham yesterday.

That would have forced a decision about flying to MN to pick up a bike. It would have been right on the edge of a possibility, but with a $ flight, $ ground transportation, one night in a $ hotel, and meals, not worth the effort for me.

Anyone closer to MN should explore this though.
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I agree, OTD means something different when buying out of state.

In the end, no matter what you call the price, what matters is the clarity/transparency of what is being paid.

For example, for me, $9941 OTD for the base model when I pay SC tax and licensing upon returning home is a great deal. A much better deal than I expected.


Except that the salesman at Discount Cycle in Powhampton VA, comes back from lunch and tells me he quoted the wrong bike and the real price is well above retail. :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

Oh well. He's really sorry.

Now, what to do? What to do...
Fly to Minneapolis?

I think I'll keep looking.
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Check out MLS Power Sports in KY. I know it might be a bit far to travel but by the time the bike comes in it will be a nice time of year to ride and the trip from Georgetown/Lexington KY would make a down right beautiful trip for you. Fly into town (Lexington) and give me a shout and I can give you a ride over to MLS which isn't far from the airport.
Its in my neck of the woods so any way I can help, give me a shout.
Thanks, but although I locked in with Rockingham and I'm just going to stay with them.

Advice for shoppers. I was calling what was advertised as no-haggle one-price dealerships to get a price. But they have to call the distributor to get the pre-order information. I have good reason to suspect the distributor let on that I had contacted multiple dealerships and now it's impossible to get a price below retail.

Ford (the car company) is seriously exploring doing away with dealerships and adopting a distribution and maintenance model similar to Tesla's. Prices are fixed, cars are on display, and maintenance is handled by third parties.

That might not be so bad.
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Depends on how much money you save at what cost in time and travel expenses for sure, but flying in somewhere and riding a bike home is an adventure in itself. And as a fortune cookie told m recently adventure is it's own reward/reason/reward or something like that.
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That is a pretty good deal compared to my $11,000 USD plus tax and license.

When do yopu or have you already taken possesion of the bike?
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