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800 DE Pricing

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Just settled the deal on mine. 11,000 even out the door +Tax and License at Rockingham Suzuki in NC. Since I live in SC I'll pay that part down here.

Romney Cycle in WV was a little cheaper at $10, 807, but much further away.

Both dealers are no haggle dealers prices with no extra fees. However, Rockingham came down $900 on their "no-haggle price."

The bikes are not expected to arrive in CA until May and then will have to be distributed to dealers from there.
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That is the lowest advertised price I have seen, but does it include all fees? Usually, these prices come with shipping and destination, and dealership fees.

I sent them a contact form to find out.

Edit: Just called and there is a what amounts to about 300 in fees on top of the advertised price, plus tax and license, so it is a VERY GOOD price. About $850 lower than the quote I got from Rockingham yesterday.

That would have forced a decision about flying to MN to pick up a bike. It would have been right on the edge of a possibility, but with a $ flight, $ ground transportation, one night in a $ hotel, and meals, not worth the effort for me.

Anyone closer to MN should explore this though.
Yeah, last time I asked there were about $300 in fees. Getting the bike there and in your posession is the real challenge though.

Waiting for a while will probably get you the best deal. But with S it seems hit and miss lately. :cautious:
Kinda like driving across town to save 20 cents a gallon on gasoline.

I'd do a fly and ride to save some money though. Depends on what your time is worth too. :)
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Still think prices are going to drop with all the Fed's rate hikes. Longer you wait, the better the prices.

Just like houses.

I'm fine with my 2012 677. Not really looking to buy RIGHT NOW. But everyone has different timelines. 🤷‍♂️

I got a quote on a 2023 KTM 790 a month ago. Dealer would not budge on anything and $10.9k OTD was nuts! He has even texted me twice.
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