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I have included many pictures and other amazing things at my Facebook page at Life Of An Adventurer. Check us out. I am also planning on leaving February 15, 2016 from Guanajuato, Mexico to Panama on Motorcycles. I am planning on camping and staying in hotels. I can promise you some amazing adventures. Please email with questions, requests or anything else at [email protected] Have a fantastic day and I hope my travels inspire you to travel and see the world.

Here is a synopsis of the 8 day, 1432 mile trip I completed through 10 states on the Pacific coast of Mexico. The first nite I ended up staying in Manzanillo where I fortunately found a hostel for $18.00 a nite. Run by Americans and has all the amenities of home. Clean room, wifi, free breakfast and right on the beach. I celebrated the days ending with fresh seafood and 20 peso beers. About $1.25 each.
The next day I began driving south and stopped at a crocodile refuge for freshwater. I was the only one there and was given a great tour with the entrance fee being 20 pesos ($1.25) I continued driving and ended up stopping in a town named Manafa to get a cold soda because it is very hot riding. Vey, very small town that has no phone service or internet. I decided to ride down to the beach and check it out when a man came by and began telling me that further down the road it became sandy and to be careful. I thanked him and parked the bike and started walking down to the beach to check it out. I found a place that had cold beers for sale for .75 and bought one for myself and my new friend. After a few he invited me to go out and go fishing with him and I said sure. We then went out for two hours and caught some fish which he brought back for his wife. I was then invited to stay for dinner where I enjoyed a great meal together with them. Over dinner I was informed that this town is one of the three places in the world where the black turtles come to lay eggs at nite time and If I wanted he would show me them this evening. I guess I found where I would be staying the evening. They then showed me to a beautiful cliff right above the water behind there house where I pitched my tent for the evening. Crystal clear cove and the waves lapping at the beach. I couldn't have had a better place.
At about 9 that evening he and his friend drove us south of the town to where the turtles nest. I had no idea what to expect! It was a warm, beautiful and star filled nite. We sat on the beach and you could hear them coming on to the beach by the sound of their flippers and later on as they dig large holes to bury the eggs. We then walked upon them and watched as they laid eggs. On one of them I counted 72 eggs.
Went back to my tent content and slept soundly until I awoke to another beautiful sunrise and another day of fishing. Caught some more fish, went back and broke up camp and left for further adventures.
I began driving a few hours south on the way to Ixtapa and ended up in the small town on the beach. I belive the name is Banelos. I found a great room in a small hotel and went to find wifi and a late lunch. After ordering shrimp in garlic and a beer I just sat and watched the waves roll in. Jumping in the ocean and cooling off. Then went back to my hotel to swim and continue one of the 5 books that I read on this trip. I was informed that there was a great cover band playing. If anyone knows anything about cover bands in Mexico there aren't very many good ones. It just doesn't sound right with that Mexican accent. Was fortunate to meet some new friends from Ireland that were there to check out the surfing spots. I found out later that they got engaged the next nite. CONGRATS!!
The next morning woke up and began driving south where I ended up goinging into Ixtapa and Zhiwhantenejo to check them out. To large of towns and I tried to get out of there as quickly as possible.
It is funny because in the smaller towns there are neither police or Federales because of the Narcotrafficos. This seem to keep them safer and with less hassles.
After lunch I continued driving south where I was informed that their is a nice little island called Haciendas del Cabanas and that I should check it out. I rode off the main highway 20 miles and over to the coast. I ended up taking a motor launch over about 1/2 mile to the island where I had planned on staying just for lunch but ended up there for two days. All I can say is paradise except for the mosquitos. I ended up finding a palapa where I camped under right in front of the beach in front of a very nice families restaurant who fed me and watered me during the time I was there. THey had 5 children from various ages from 4 to 18 and they showed me all around the island. Swimming in the lagoon and on the ocean. I met some guys who came from Quebec and stayed four months a year there. Because It was the week after New Years it was very quiet there, just the way I like. At nite we watched Novelas, Mexican Soap Operas and then read on the ipad as I listened to the large waves breaking on the sand. THe next morning I continued south towards Acapulco and headed up into the mountains into Taxco. They are famous for silver. Beauiful ride through the hills with a stop in Papagayo where the have rafting. Next time. Then came the long ride back to Leon and reality. Luckily the restaurant didn't burn down!!
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