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7 Speed Gearbox

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Dear Mr Suzuki Sir, my first bike (in 1969) had just one gear, the next had three, then four, then five and now I'm faced (footed?) with just six. Any chance you could increase that up to seven, just for me, please? I get lost anyway counting up and down, so surely it would be possible to slip in another one and so make me very happy. Am I the only one who feels this way?

Wallydog down under (the proper 'down under' not the Aussie one). :biggrinjester:
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The "missing 7th gear" is why I put on a 16T countershaft sprocket. Most helpful at 75-95 when riding with a group of big sport touring bikes.

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Suzuki engineers came up with a solution in an early prototype of the new V-Strom. It has the equivalent of twelve forward gears. The number of non-forward gears is unknown. The flickability of this bike came into question when it encountered its first non-straightaway and the project was abandoned.


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The new Porsche 911 will have a 7 speed manual when it comes out this fall (in Europe. February in north America.) I think that's the first in a production road car. (ignoring vehicles with hi and low ranges that is.) The car doesn't need 7 speeds as the motor has such a wide range of torque, but I think the reason is the new Corporate feuel economy stnadards. Having a super tall top gear helps a lot with mileage ratings.

I don't do off road so to me the gearing is jsut about right (with a 16 tooth front sprocket) but a slighly taller 6th would be nice.


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Why stop at 2? Bicycles are up to 11 gears in the back, with electronic shifting, no less. I don't see why a similar system couldn't be adapted to a motorcycle. 6 x 11 = 66 gears!!! :green_lol:
BICYCLES have electronic shifting now? Holy shit, I had no idea.

I wonder if digital cards are available for the spokes...
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