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7/15/11, Black V-Strom Westbound 66 Fwy near DC Beltway

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Was in the HOV lane about 6 PM on Friday evening, just past where the 66 crosses over the beltway and before the exit for Nutley St, saw a very clean black V-Strom behind me, rider had a yellow hi-vis jacket and dark helmet. Recognized the distinctive headlights and tall profile from a long ways back. We came to a stop as traffic slowed and I gave you a thumbs-up before changing lanes to get around the congestion - would have stayed there longer to creep along with ya, but knowing how much quicker the slow lane moves through that area I have a hard time sitting forever in the HOV lane while everyone else goes by for the next mile. Switch to the right lanes until at least after the 123 exit and you make much better time, usually. Unless there was a semi broken down in the slow lane like there was yesterday! But I digress... :headbang:

Anyway, sharp looking bike and hope your commute went well!