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7/14/11, Black V-Strom Eastbound 66 Fwy near Manassas, VA

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Coming home westbound on the 66 Freeway passing by Manassas just a little after 5 PM on Thursday evening, saw a black V-Strom eastbound in the slow lane just approaching the Manassas exit - you may have been getting off the freeeway at that point, or maybe just cruising along.

I normally don't wave at bikes across the median but that black color makes for a good looking machine that's hard to ignore...think we just caught a glimpse of each other and time to recognize each others bikes and wave.

Great day to be out, much better than the nasty weather we had yesterday!
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Thanks, will keep an eye out, and good riding to you too....I'm guessing you commute in from West Virginia? That's gotta be a great commute.

I need to take me a day off and go see some WV roads myself.

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