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Well I decided to stretch the legs on the new Wee-Strom and hit the road hard today!

Departed at 5 a.m out of Alpine for the following track:

Cuyamaca Lake
El Centro

690 miles - 14 hours - 15ish gallons of gas, 250,000 bugs and some rubber gone... *:evil

The Wee handled superbly of course, like an expert opera singer with meticulously smooth vibrato and booming bottom-end. *The best bike on Earth of course... *:D

Best tank was 51mpg - Worst was home into a rough headwind running at 75-80 GPS (pushing 90 on the speedometer) out of Plaster City up the hill into East County - 38.9mpg.

Not bad with full bags and my big butt in the saddle!

Also wanted to add I met a friendly chap that dumped his GS650 when pulling out of his hotel in Needles... *Hit a big old soft spot in the dirt.

I hung a u-turn to help him get her up - Sorry I forgot to ask his name but he was headed for San Francisco and was planning 400 miles for the day. *Good to meet you and hope your day was great!

Anyhow on to the track and the pictures - Enjoy!

Spot Track - Up for 7 days - 2 pages

GPS Track:

Yeah... That's me...

Cuyamaca Lake at Sunrise:

Heading down Banner Grade:

Um... Yeah... Me again....

Some pretty desert flora:

Nothing better than road behind, and road ahead...

This guy followed my ALL DANG DAY!

Salton Sea:

Entering Box Canyon (just east of Mecca):

The DL650 flight deck:

The road:

Love the desert:

You can pick up some shoes here if you need them:

Entering Nevada on my 3-State day!

Another desert mountain shot:

Just after crossing over the Colorado River heading to Quartzite:

And... Quartzite!

One last shot heading home up the 8:


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Nicely done, Warren. I know solo days can be good, but if you ever want a riding partner, lemme know.
PM me your email address and I'll add you to my group list...

I hit up 8 of my buds and all but one of them chickened out! :)

One wanted to go but was having his service done...
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