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I have upgraded my handlebars to BMW 1150GS bars with the GS handgaurds. Like the bars just fine but would like them raised a little more.
The only problem is I am max'd out on my front brake line length and the clutch cable length. The brake cable will be easy I'll upgrade to Stainless but I haven't heard or seen anything about what to do to make the clutch cable and housing longer.
I have gotten as much length out of both sides as I can because the GS bars are wider. So both cables are going to have to be lengthened.

Also can anyone remind me what kind of throttle I can use if I want to have a metal throttle tube. I cracked the stock plastic throttle tube during the upgrade process and would like to put on a better metal one. For some reason I recall it might have been one for a DR but not sure.

Thanks for any help.
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