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525 VS 520 chain

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I'm looking on for a new chain and sprockets. They sell the front/rear sprockets and a 525 chain for $180, and the front/rear sprockets with a 520 chain for $220.

Why is the 520 chain more expensive? I read the 520 is weaker than the 525 is (525 being wider).

Is that just because nobody buys those or something? Maybe the sprockets are narrower? or the chain/sprocket combo is lighter? What other reasons could there be?
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The 520 is basically a racing chain for when weight is more important for longevity. The only one I see is at for $165.

The $220 item in the main chain link at is a 530 which is a larger than stock set.

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You know what.

Your totally right. lol. :thumbup:

Think i better go back to bed now. :headbang:

My brain short circuited i guess. Sorry to waste your time. The price makes sense now. haha
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