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I removed the OEM 47t and replace it with a 48t . I didn't want to replace the front because it would give an increase in RPM that I didn't want. The 48t is a 2.13% increase in RPM and while not a lot I can tell rolling on the throttle out of a curve and accleration in 2-5th gear. I'm a pretty big guy at 6'3" and 245lbs and pulling mountain grades and general acceleration this seems like the answer without adding the 7.15% a front sproket would add.

At 65 mph indicated in 5th gear a 48t (+1) rear adds 115 rpm. 2.13%
At 65 mph indicated in 5th gear a 14t (-1) front adds 388 rpm. 7.15%

My gas mileage seems unaffected I've burned 2 tanks and both came in at 57 mpg with the OEM 47t is was a pretty constant upper 50's per gallon.
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