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Hey yall! I've heard about this site for awhile and finally started lurkin' 2 weeks ago. Looks like I'll be spendin' alot time here now!
I've been riding and crashin' dirtbikes for 35 + years and dual sportin' for about 11 years. Western North Carolina, Virgina and eastern Tennessee is where I get in alot of my ridin' time. Although we spend most of the time ridin' dirtbikes and sxss' on the outlaw trails and dualin' all over West Virginia. The TWVT is a favorite route. Last year I rode my DRZ400s from North Carolina to Moab Utah on the TAT. My best ride ever. My 2009 DRZ (my 3rd DR) has 11,000 miles on it already!
I just picked up a 2011 DL650 (White Lightning :eek:rig_rolleyes:)and added a few goodies to prep her for hopefully many miles of gravel,dirt and twisties. I'd like to get a fork brace and some knobblies sooner than later though.
This is my 2nd time around because I had a '08 flat black that I setup similar to the way I've done the '11. For whatever reason I sold the '08 after about 3500 miles in 5 months. I must of thought I had too many bikes.:nono: I regreted selling it immediatly..:headbang:
I've only put 300 miles on WL so far, but I was quickly reminded how easy the Strom is to ride and how versatile it is. :hurray: This is gonna be fun...

My TAT ride.
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