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2023 Romney Camp N Ride...May 5-7, 2023

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Welcome to 2023. The year we all get to go back for one more Romney Camp N Ride.

For those who have attended before, there are a few updates that we know at this point. Please see below. Also, all future event updates will be placed here is this first post so they are easy to find.

For anyone new to the Camp N Ride, you're in for a treat. It's basically a gathering of Adventure riders from across the US and Canada. It's a low pressure, relaxed atmosphere with some of the friendliest and most charitable people who have ever strapped on a helmet. The riding is anything you want. You can pick from scenic pavement, outstanding twisty roads, easy fire roads, muddy, sloppy stuff, to water crossings. There's even a BDR (MABDR) just a few miles out of town. Whatever you like to ride, it's available to you at Romney.

This event is totally free of charge. As always, it is 100% sponsored by Romney Cycles.
Romney is unquestionably one of the most unique and rider friendly dealers you'll ever experience. The return of the Camp N Ride for 2023 is all due to the dealership's owner, Kevin Carr. Kevin had such positive feelings about the riders who have attended in the past, several of whom still stop in to say hello while riding through the area, that he wanted to do it again. Even today, those who attend this event are remembered for the good impression they left in their wake.

A few links for the first timers
Last Camp N Ride
General Area Briefing
Updated Route Link <<< last updated April 2023

Hotels for the non-Campers
Koolwink - riders love this place, it will likely sell out for this event.
South Branch Inn - also popular

Romney is proud to continue supporting the community with this event. Over the years our Camp N Ride riders have contributed over $13,850 to charity. Once again Romney Cycles has selected The Potomac Center as the charity for 2023. The Potomac Center has a long history of providing residential assistance and support to both children and adults with developmental disabilities as they learn the skills needed to live successful lives.
The Potomac Center
If you were here for the last event when the kids came over to sit on the bikes, I have no doubt you remember that day and how it made you feel. I know I do.

Event Dates: May 5-7, 2023

Romney will provide free camping on their expansive grounds. They will have port-a-potties on site by Thursday, May 4th. The showers will go up after COB on Friday, May 5th.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you arrive to camp on May 4th, please let the dealership know you're there so they do not lock you behind their gate.

On site food will be provided by the Ruritan Club. Anticipated schedule (may change):
Friday - arrive by 11:00am - 6:30pm.
Saturday - Breakfast, lunch, dinner - through 6:30pm.
They are a community organization and our best estimated headcount will be helpful for them to plan a Saturday dinner. I heard possibly a chicken dinner Saturday night (maybe...but not locked in yet).

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are not planning to have the dealership pay the Saturday evening meal. They do enough already. I'm sure the Ruritan Club views this as one of their fund raisers. Do what you will with that information.

Demo Rides

Friday and Saturday - Ride the Tigers!!! ...and whatever else Triumph puts on their demo truck.

Yes, Romney is now a Triumph dealer. Kevin has told me the challenge he's faced getting the world to know, Romney sells Triumphs. As a dealer he's required to follow Triumph guidelines related to advertising prices. As a customer, I can say anything I want. Romney is selling Triumphs at Romney prices. If I were in market, that's all I'd need to know.

Professional Off Road Training for the first 12 to sign up
Learn to ride that big ADV bike the right way!

We are fortunate to once again have a professional riding instructor who will give one class on Saturday at the incredibly discounted rate of $150.

Alain Kaldewaaij of is returning and we have never had students complain in previous years.

This class lasts about 4 hours starting with basics in the big grass area behind the dealership, followed by a ride off-road on gravel. This is not just follow the leader on gravel roads. Once away from the dealership (an additional 4 hours on the trail training )

Riders will be able to put their newfound skills to use on a dual / adventure sport motorcycle with instructor Alain. Riders are required to wear full protective gear including helmets, gloves, riding jacket, riding pants and boots that protect the ankles. Knobby tires are recommended. This course is intended for intermediate road riders looking for an introduction to beginner off-road riding.

To learn more about Alain and to sign up, go to his web-site for registration.

AdventureBike RiderCourse Romney Cycle | Xplor-Int LLC

Routes information
Several volunteers have put together formatted PDF route sheets and GPX (GPS) files from previous year's rides and a few brand new ones as well. We think there's at least one route for every rider on just about every bike wishing to experience West Virginia's fantastic asphalt, gravel and/or dirt.
You will need a free Dropbox account to see the downloads here: Dropbox
(Thanks, Rudderfeet)

Door prizes
Yes, Saturday evening.

Headcount - fun to see who is coming, and also to alert the Ruritans. Not an obligation.
DC_Dave and
BMWGuy (DLs)
Roaderaser (GS)

Headcount from other forums (ADV, Triumph, and YamahaSuperTenere): 112

There's a number of people here on this thread who said they are interested. If you would like me to add you to the headcount list, I'd love to do it. Just let me know.

More to follow...

below is what was posted back in July, 2022 about the initial planning of this event
below is what was posted back in July, 2022 about the initial planning of this event
below is what was posted back in July, 2022 about the initial planning of this event

EDIT>>> Heads up - We're back - It is Official - there will be a Romney Camp N Ride - May 5-7, 2023
EDIT>>> The specific thread will follow in the future.
EDIT>>> If you don't already know the Camp N Ride, here's a

Bottom Line Upfront - Who's up for a 2023 Romney Camp N Ride?

Yesterday I had a a chance to stop in to see Kevin, the owner of Romney Cycles. It was a great visit and when I mentioned the passing of twodogs he mentioned how much he enjoyed the people who would show up, be so respectful, and thoughtful about their time at the Camp N Ride. He has good memories of the event and the people, and would like to do another one. He's not ready to turn it into a regular thing again, but he would like to do at least one more.

We did not discuss any details or dates. He did mention he still has the showers and could reassemble them. I asked if he was good with us (wreckchecker and me) exploring the possibility of holding the event. Yes, yes he is.

So informal question at this point....anyone up for a 2023 Romney Camp N Ride?

Wreckchecker setup shirts again for the 2023 Camp N Ride. If interested send me a PM and I'll get you WC's email address.


Here's the call to order a shirt for this year's event and you can pm me your order, just like every other year. Cut-off date for ordering is April 18.

Inhouse Bob retired and left the business to his daughter, Jody, who will be making them for us. So again these are the same top quality shirts as in previous years.
Because we have a bunch of people who stay on pavement and others who search for off-road, we're doing two colors, green or gray.

$25 for short sleeve or long sleeve.

Anything profit from the shirts will of course go to the Potomac Center. They do good things and the grass most of us will sleep on is theirs.
[For the color blind, the upper is dark gray and lower is dark green)

To order, send me a personal message (pm) to ask for my email address. We use PayPal only as payment till we get to Romney.
(1) SIZE for each shirt
(5) How much you are adding for the charity if you elect to do so.
(The donation is totally optional and up to you. The amount is usually clear from how much people send, but it can get goofy when people order more than one shirt with combinations of sleeve lengths.)

I'll send you my email address and you send your PayPal payment to it. When I see the color and size(s) you want in your email and the money is received, I'll send you a confirmation email.

Bob usually made a few extra shirts for walk-up people who miss this pre-order. Those go really fast and we don't want to pay for unsold shirts so there won't be many meaning only the first people to arrive usually get a chance to score one. To keep things simple, they'll be $30 in cash which also promotes ordering early. Again, everything we take in beyond the expense of having the shirts printed will go to the charity.

ALL SHIRTS WILL BE PICKUP ONLY and I plan to arrive with them on Thursday evening at Romney. If you pay for a shirt, are a no-show at the event, and pm me then we MIGHT-possibly-maybe be able to sell your shirt to get your money back to you. Or hopefully, you could pm to tell me to sell it to somebody else and you donate your $25 to the Potomac Center charity. The times we had a few extras, we donated those to the kids and the smiles were awesome.
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Can u give some of the newer members some added info? Looks like the previous ones were free camping at Romney cycles open field. Porta-johns and make shift showers provided ? Is this accurate? Cost? Or charity? Planned rides? Fri- Sun. ?
I’m interested. Enjoyed the only one I was able to attend. Thanks, for asking.

Can u give some of the newer members some added info? Looks like the previous ones were free camping at Romney cycles open field. Porta-johns and make shift showers provided ? Is this accurate? Cost? Or charity? Planned rides? Fri- Sun. ?
Sorry, no additional information available yet. Just gauging interest. If the combined interest (Trooper, ADV, YamahaSuperTenere) is there, I will let Kevin know and we (Kevin, Wreckchecker, me) will start to nail down details.

Romney always had a strong Trooper turnout. The members here are a huge part of what made the Camp N Ride so great.

As Wreckchecker said in the other threads...
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I was not able to attend one in the past, then it went away. If new folks are allowed, I would be interested in riding W. Virginia again.
Awesome! I would attend for sure, as would a number of my fellow riders from N.E.V.A. It would be relatively easy to do a stripped down version of Romney. Keep us posted.
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I would attend, I always had a great time at Romney. On the way home from EVR this year 5 Canucks, Harmut and myself stopped in at Romney Cycles and inquired about starting the rally back up, Ted
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Kevin told me the Canadians stopped in on their way through. Always need our friends from the north at a Camp N Ride.
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Dirt Dad, I absolutely would be interested in Romney redux...I vote for early September instead of during April's rainy season there, lol...Romney is still a winning combination. There are lots of great rides nearby and the dinner put on by the owner's at Romney Cycles was much appreciated, as was the firewood for the firepits. They really do go the extra mile. Not least, the moneys donated to the adjacent charitable group home prove their local commitment.

For Tippy Cincy: free camping was provided by the owner's @ Romney Cycles on their large, grassy knoll. They had firepits, outdoor showers on the loading docks and port-a-lets for campers. They also had the Suzuki factory truck there the last year of the Camp 'n Ride. Great folks who take the sport of motorcycling and its adherents seriously and the Stromtrooper's who helped organize this event did a great job!
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So informal question at this point....anyone up for a 2023 Romney Camp N Ride?
I would absolutely love to attend another one! Even if it is a stripped down version to keep things easier on the dealership!
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Regretted not going to the last one. I am in if held in 2023x.
I would definitely consider coming. Never been, but West Virginia (or that general vicinity-I'm in Philadelphia) is close enough to do.
Wreckchecker and I are scheduled to go see Kevin (owner) to discuss the level of interest expressed here and the other threads on other boards.

There will be updates when there is something worth telling everyone. Until then, please keep chiming in if you are interested...thanks.
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Always interested but do it at a time where its not competing with the east rally, so don't schedule it for May I would think.
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A counter argument is there are often a good number of Troopers from Canada that, in the past, have used the May date to hit both.

I'm not predicting any dates yet. But I anticipate the Canadian potential is something we will discuss.

Would appreciate all the thoughts Troopers are willing to offer. Troopers are a very important part of the event.
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By the way, is the East Rally always Mother's Day weekend?
By the way, is the East Rally always Mother's Day weekend?
No. It’s either before or after, I forget. But @Stalky Tracker has a website for it and the 2023 date is already set. Many of us sign up for the next year at the Rally.
The Eastern V-Strom Rally is the weekend after Mother Day. In 2023 it is May 18 - 21.

Good luck with the Romney Camp N Ride. (y)

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Thanks, and appreciate the date. That is the one event we don't want to overlap.

I forgot there was a specific site for the event. Now I recall visiting some event site that had photos going all the way back to my "Vee" days...are they still known as the Vee? That's where I first met and rode with V-Tom. Great memories of those events.
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