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Except for the Haul road which is wisely avoided without dirt experience I really don't think the Cassiar and Alcan are that hard on bikes with the exception of the construction zones and perhaps parts of Top of the World.
It's a long way up for US riders but not so much for anyone that has ridden in British Columbia which I think has better roads and to a point better scenery. Fuel can be a concern in Northern BC for bikes with small tanks.
I guess my comment to readers is take the heavy duty planning and rough roads with a grain of salt.
Vstroms are very capable bikes and K60s can easily do 15,000 miles on a single set,
Glad you enjoyed it tho.
Your Harley story reminded me of a Harley train from S America who spoke little English - they were ahead of us but waved us forward ....I can imagine the headaches at the border post with 20 riders and likely only one or two translators.:eek:
It was clearly an organized tour but I'm sure they struggled with the construction.
At least the construction crew carries touring bicyclists through the muck on their guide truck.

I hitch hiked up to Tok in the 60s and THAT was dire ...1200 miles of high banked gravel with heavy trucks doing highway speeds. Very different now and getting better every year.
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