Enormous amount of accessories added. See the list below. Only selling as I don't ride as much as I used to, and I have a Goldwing for long "old guy" trips.

Also includes two extra sets of tires: Tractionator GPS with about 3100 miles, and Dunlop Mission Trailmax with about 3400 miles on them. Both sets have lots of life left in them. Current tires on bike are Dunlop Mission Trailmax's with about 3300 miles on them. Lots of tread left. Also includes 4 extra sets of front brake pads, and 1 extra set of rear brake pads. Also includes extra high end EK QX ring chain and original front and rear sprockets. These have about 3100 miles on them also. Current EK QX Ring chain and sprockets have about 6900 miles on them. All in excellent condition.

All scheduled maintenance complied with, either done by myself or by a dealership. Have all receipts.

Included in the list below was a modification to the front header, skid plate, and oil filter location, and also by longer links (dog bones), that increased the ground clearance by about 2.5", making the bike a lot more off-road capable. (Out of the 26,079 miles, about 500-600 of those miles were off road.). Original links included. Reinstallation of OEM links that would lower bike by about an inch takes about 10 minutes.

Thousands of dollars in accessories and modifications that have been made to this bike.

Front cylinder exhaust repositioned to R side of engine. Gains 1.5” more ground clearance to include SW-Motech Skid Plate supports that were modified to help raise the bike. Additionally I put in smaller dogbones which added about another 1". I have a 30" inseam but still have adequate ability to reach the ground.
Extra set in the box clutch steel and fiber plates, clutch washers, and gasket
H20 proof dash mounted hazard flasher switch
H20 proof dash mounted low beam cutout switch
H20 proof dash mounted ABS cutoff switch
Givi Airflow windscreen
SW-Motech Centerstand
Cobrra Chain Oiler
Sit&Fly seat cover
SW-Motech Height Adjustable Wide Street/Off-Road Foot Pegs
SW-Motech 15L Evo City Tank Bag with Map Case, Theft Prevention Pin and Quick Lock
SW-Motech Side Stand Switch Guard
SW-Motech Folding Gear Shift Lever
Givi PLR Side Racks
12 O’Clock Labs speedometer corrector
Nissin Front Brake Calipers from a Honda CBR600, and Galfer steel braided brake lines
Nissin 19mm Radial Master Cylinder plus a new duplicate Nissin Radial M.C.
Akropovic Exhaust. 9 lbs. less weight, 5 more HP
Antigravity Lithium restart battery with attached charger cord. Saves 6 pounds.
K&N Air Filter and new in the box OEM air filter
Guglatech in tank fuel filter
1.5” bar risers
Flashing LED that comes on when ign. off- phony alarm indicator
30,000 hour Sementech Lo Beam White LED w/internal fan
ADVTech GPS Dash Mount
ADVTech Flood Lights with handlebar mounted on/off switch
ADVTech Fork Brace
ADVTech Front Fender Risers
RG Racing Rear Shock Cover
Outback Motortech crash guards
RG Racing Radiator Guard
RG and Techspec Tank Pads
RG Racing Filler Cap Trim
ASV Adjustable Folding Clutch and Front Brake Levers
Barkbuster VPS hand guards
16T Front Rubber Dampened Sprocket. (OEM 15T). Drops RPM by 250. (Have OEM.)
Admore Flashing Brake, Progressive Turn and Deceleration Lighting
LED Turn signals
Skene brake, Progressive Turn and Deceleration Lighting
Oxford Heated Grips with settings control
Garmin 396LMT-S GPS Mount- Hardwired with Zumolock. (Not the GPS itself.)
Hard wired radar detector ethernet cable ready for radar detector to plug in. (Detector not included.)
Kaoko Throttle Lock
Atlas Throttle Lock
Headlight Protector
2 Locking Tool Tubes mounted inside pannier racks
Puig Spool Sliders
Lithium batter charger pigtail, and SAE pigtail for a vest, etc.
All original OEM parts that were replaced by accessories.
Shop manual. (In addition to Owners’ Manual.)