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2017+ DL650 Windscreen Mount - Flat or Bent?

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All the 2017+ DL650 windscreen mounts I have come across have been flat.

Someone just reported that his screen mounts are not flat, but have a curve to them. See pic below.

Is this normal for some variant of the DL650? Or is this an exception of some kind?

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How does it look on the other end / side? If the bracket is bent on the one side but not the other, then you have your answer. But if they are similarly bent / same form on both sides (both left & right), then perhaps it is wise to compare the brackets to similar model.
Looking at the online parts fisches, they appear to be flat; hard to tell, though. Maybe a previous owner bent them back for aesthetics or to see over the windshield better.
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Thanks guys, I'm convinced the bend is not stock.
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