-Oil change 2/2/23
- OD 15086
Have receipts for the following:
-Radiator Flush 2/19/23 OD 14200
-New Spark plugs 2/19/23 OD 14200

-Suzuki center stand
-Valve inspection/adjust 2/19/23 OD 14200
-Two wind shields - OEM and GIVI Airflow
-Two saddles - OEM and Sargent
-Happy Trail Saddle Bags
SW-Motech Crash Bars GIVI Bash Plate
-Mirror extenders
-Handle bar risers
-Power Plug -Battery tender cable
-Factory Service manual
-Owners manual
-Custom camera mount
-OEM took kit
-Front Tire new at 12500
-Rear Tire new at 9600

PM me if you are interested.