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Front exhaust header to low.
Oil filter sticking out the front.
Muffler ridiculously huge, heavy and too quiet.
Windscreen ineffective and annoying.
Antique lighting system.
In general; You have a Worldwide loyal Strom customer base and for good reason, everyone agrees it’s an excellent motor and an easy bike to ride but almost everyone agrees that the problems listed here need to be fixed. But what about going a step further, like designing an exhaust that meets all regulations, still looks good, has a DB killer and enables narrow luggage systems, not hard really. Increase the ground clearance, re-route the front header pipe and put the oil filter somewhere else altogether, it’s not only ugly the way it is, it’s impractical for most off road riding. Many of us don’t want an overweight monstrous adventure bike that is on offer by other manufacturers, many of us are looking for a mid range, reliable, low maintenance, easy to ride alternative that you can actually take across a continent with some luggage and still have fun on and off road. You already have the basis for this bike you just need to unclutter a lot of the plastics all around the tank and instruments, use HID/LED lighting and indicators, a proper sump guard and make the bike look and feel lean mean and dual sport capable. In fact if you had a “Soft Core” rally version of the DL650 you would probably have the mid range dual sport market cornered.
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