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New Mexico is know for it's wide open geography, its diversity of environment and amazing culture. Rocky Mountain Adventure Riders is proud to introduce our first Adventure New Mexico ride, the Quien Sabe 600.

Quien Sabe.....what the heck does that mean in Spanish? Quien Sabe is literally translated, "Who Knows". What better name could we give an adventure ride in New Mexico? Yes, we will have a planned route with GPS tracks, but by the nature of adventure riding, we will be flying by the seat of our pants 2-3 times to connect routes and explore some amazing sites!!! Many times, unexpected detours are the best part of a ride.

Event: RMAR New Mexico 'Quien Sabe' 600
Location: Far Northern New Mexico
Dates: September 26-29, 2013
Origination: TBD, (possibly Taos, NM)
Fundraising: Donations to NMOHVA (
Audience: This is an appreciation ride for a Silver Level, RMAR Donor.

Regtistration: New Mexico 'Quien Sabe' 600 - Rocky Mountain Adventure Riders

Route: 4 days (3 nights) of 600 miles of primarily off-pavement riding, point to point around northern New Mexico. The start and stop will be from the origination.

Ride Type: This is a true adventure ride, with everyone carrying all their gear on their bike and we will be tent camping each night (no chase or support vehicles). The ride will be capped at 25 riders, with riding groups of 5-6 each to cut down on dust, yet have the right amount of support and team work. This ride is targeted to the mid-weight and heavy weight adventure bikes. Most of the route will be on back country fire roads, with some pavement.

Bikes: SuperT, GS/GSA, Tigers, VStroms, basically a bike with a displacement north of 600cc's and over 300lbs. Bikes must be 'plated' and they need to be equipped for adventure riding with the proper tires. Anyone bringing a bike with highway slicks will not be happy. Dual-sport tires to knobbies are recommended. Bikes will need a minimum of a 200 mile fuel range.

Accommodations and Meals: Tent Camping fees are paid by RMAR. Also provided will be a Saturday evening rib-eye Steak Dinner, as a part of the celebration of completing the QS600. Otherwise, daily meals are your own responsibility. Most will pack a little camp stove and live off of MRE's.

Gear: At the least, basic survival gear for 3 nights at high elevation with temps dropping below freezing at night. A little tent, a 0-15 degree bag, sleep pad, compact cooking equipment, etc. will be the norm. Water-proof/resistant adventure gear/clothing is recommended. RMAR lives by: ATGATT (All the gear, all the time).

Swag: A nice T-Shirt or Jersey, stickers and access to the digital pics and produced video of the ride.

Intrinsic: You will receive an amazing sense of accomplishment riding and completing the RMAR QS600. You will build, new life-long friends and you will be able to take great pride that you are doing something for our sport to keep our riding access open. NMOHVA is fighting for our access rights in New Mexico and they are a good partner of RMAR.

About RMAR.......

1. RMAR is Chartered AMA Group, based out of Colorado Springs, CO
2. RMAR is a non-profit corporation in the state of Colorado
3. The RMAR Board of Directors and Representatives are 100% volunteer
4. The Mission of RMAR is:
A) Positively impact and influence the lives of those that ride with us, respecting each other and supporting one another.
B) Promote Dual-Sport/Adventure Motorcycle Events in the Rocky Mountain Region with a focus on responsible and respectable behavior and riding on our public lands and in the local communities, adhering to all the AMA policies and requirements.
C) Support fund-raisers fro state and/or local trail riding clubs or associations/coalitions/alliances that champion our sport and/or fight legislatively/politically for public land access for motorcycling.
5. Over 80% of all donations are routed into trail work and/or advocacy.

RMAR isn't like those high dollar, for-profit adventure riding companies.....We are living to give and keep our sport alive. We want our kids and grand kids to be able to ride.
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