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Hi... I think my rear shock is damaged somehow. The rebound regulator just allow 4 full turns from side to side. I think if it was OK it should be able to give more turns. In addition, you do not feel much difference in the rebound feeling when you turn the bolt to one side or the other.

The rear wheel, in rocky and difficult terrain is too shaky (if the term in right), just as if the rebound bolt was not correctly regulated.

Spring compression was correct, right in the middle of their total travel.

Do you think that this shock can be repaired or it´s an "one life part", use and throw"? The truth is I don´t want to spend about $ 900 in an Ohlins, it gives me a headache.
In the meanwhile, I'll use it as it is because in asphalt it does not feel a bigger problem, just fine, I think.
Attached a picture of that ride; Yanganuco Lake, Peru (12,630 feets)... great barbecue with friends from Spain, Argentina, Australia & Italy.
Thanks for your feedbacks!


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