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Outback Motortek Center stand V Strom 650 2016
I bought a center stand from Dualsport Plus on September 5.
I tried to install the stand but the plate numbered 6 on the installation guide (attached) was no properly machined. (See attached). Then I discovered that bolts labeled 12 and 13 did not fit the center stand. They're machined bigger than the stands attachment points. I contacted both companies with 2 different results.
1. Dualsport exchanged the part and listened to my problem with the bolts.
They gave me a discount and I elected to make it work.
2. Outback Motortek told me I’m wrong and it’s actually the right part. See photos attached and makeup your own mind.
I used a drill, file and sand paper to make the Allen bolts work. Took about 30 minutes. Then I tried to install the center stand to discover that a bolt on the Suzuki is in the way. Remember that I already exchanged this part for the correct part. I had to cut a piece out (see attached) to make it work. The instructions was very “low keyed” to say the least.
My problem is the following. The company claim to be based on proper PR, engineering and quality control. I contacted the company via web pages and 5 days latter they did not even told me to get lost. The parts and initial quality control were poor. The PR that I got blamed me for the mistake and then just ignore me.
But the good news is that it’s working and fits properly after modifications. High up and tucked close to the bike. I hope it last as I bought this based on reviews from other users.


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