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I get the need for a voltmeter - my Aprilia has one and for a while I watched it closely while wearing my heated gear. The meter would show a precipitous drop at a light, and then come right back up when I was again at speed. Just to be on the safe side, I always turn everything off (extras, that is) a couple of blocks before I park, just to help ensure the battery will be in best shape to start when the work day is done.

So, question here -- I get the need for an active voltmeter -- given the 650 -- do you have a recommendation or two for a weather-proof, motorcycle-rider-appropriate meter, and up to where should it be connected (for this mechanincally-inclined-yet-otherwise-lay) ?

I too love this thread. I really admire folks with your skills -- reminds me of touring a battleship or watching a railroad steam engine roll by . . . thank y'all.
The LED indicators are very good, easy to mount and tough/waterproof. You don't really need to know exact volts, just that it's low.
If I run my aux lights at night I can tell I need to run higher rpm with just the LED. Mine is run off the heated grip connector (Oz, I don't need no steenkin heated grips ;) ). Wherever you pick it up, it needs to be switched.

Search ebay for LED voltage indicator. (Not allowed to post links). I think I used the sparkbright one, all very similar.

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