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I am new to this site, and enjoy dual sport motorcycles, and have been riding since I was about 8 years old. I decided to add a second bike to the stable today so I paid a visit to two of my local Suzuki dealerships here in the Charlotte, NC area to check out the new 2012 Vstrom 650. I also own a 2011 BMW R1200 Adventure and have been on the Adv rider site for several years.

I ended up purchasing a 2012 DL650 in the fox orange color (stock pic below). The bike was already farkled with a few options that I really liked which did influence my purchase of this particular bike today. It came with the Givi Adjustable windscreen, the Givi tank bag, Givi pannier mounting brackets for the Givi Trekker luggage system. I will add the Trekker luggage, the engine guards, and 55 watt halogen driving lights for additional day and night visibilty. And of course the center stand is a must have. So this is my short list of farkles to add.

After the purchase I rode the bike home and am very pleased with how this bike handles. Its been a long time since I have ridden a 650 and I noticed right away that it has plenty of roll on power and is extremely smooth very flickable and nimble in the curves just a blast to ride! Shifting was very smooth. The Givi adjustable w/s performed excellent as I had no buffeting at highway speed. I am tall and was impressed with how quiet the bike is and the excellent wind management of the Givi screen.

The instrument panel is laid out and is nice and visible and easy to read. I only rode home approx 50 miles the stock seat seemed pretty comfortable. In the short ride home this bike overall is just a blast to ride.
Givi pannier mounts added by the dealer that came on the bike are rugged and strong with little to no flex. (important when loaded). I plan to pick up the pannier set, engine guards and lights this week.

I am looking forward to some seat time........on the Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway.

Ride Safe!


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