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I picked up a 2012 VStrom db1000 with 7.8k miles this March after the death of my old 2004 Shadow Sabre 1100 (Slow speed turn + unexpected heavy gravel from construction == bent frame). And all I can say is *wow*, this bike is much more fun to ride. I've put ~1k miles on it so far.

I'm looking for advice in things to look when I've noticed an occasional less-than-responsive throttle at 2-3k rpm. It is weirdly inconsistent when this happens and seems to happen less often once I replaced the fuel strainer in the tank. I haven't found any consistent way to reproduce this issue and it doesn't seem to be related to how hot/cold the engine is.

I suspect the next thing I need to do over a long weekend is to take the fuel injectors out and checking their flow.

As with any machine I buy, I've been doing a bunch of maintenance and trying to make it operate as flawless as possible.

The list of projects so far:
* New Tires
* Converting back to stock exhaust (I spend 2 miles per day in a tunnel and the aftermarket pipes were painful)
* Removing of an aftermarket ECU performance commander module (I had to noticed some odd power loss at low rpms and wanted to make my bike stock for a while)
* Replacement of the fuel strainer in-tank (Trying to track down the occasional surging)
* Replaced the seat with a Sargent World Sport Adventure - my behind is much happier
* Run a few tanks w/ injector cleaner
* Added plugs for my Battery saver and Gerbing heated gloves.

Upcoming projects:
* Oil change
* Double checking the resistance on the fuel tank gauge. After the disassembly for the fuel screen, the tank reads high most of the time. I suspect I need to use a brass brush on the electrical contacts to decrease the resistance. (Note: I use my trip odo for actual gas filling, but I want to see if I can improve the readings. :) ).

Things I noted:
* Holy moly, getting the tank off w/ crash bars is an adventure. I'll always remove the crash bars first now.
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