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Yesterday I posted a question about returning my 2013/650/AL3 front brake and clutch levers to their original state.
I wanted to remove the OEM knuckle guards and then replace the other knuckle guard kit parts with the stock parts.
It is very hard to find pictures of the stock levers including their stock fastenings on the web - search results give lots of aftermarket product pictures.

Anyway, I have just found this.
Whether it will be useful in my case, I do not know.
It may help you.

I have also since found the installation instructions for the knuckle guards, so I will try to work backwards from those to see which pivot bolt (silver or black) to put into each of the brake and clutch levers.

Hope the parts link helps.

For reference, the current parts (the remainder of the knuckle guard kit parts not yet removed from the bike):
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