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2012 DL1000 slight throttle hesitation between 2-3k RPM - TBS Time?

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Before I start tearing everything apart I figured I'd ask for the opinions of folks in this forum. (and before trying a shop)

I've noticed that my 2012 dl1000, 13k miles, has a slight power loss on acceleration between 2k-3k rpm. It's great below that and the power comes right back after leaving that range. Has anyone else seen this before?

Bike History: When I bought the bike used 4 years ago, I reverted back to stock by removing an aftermarket in-line ECU tuning module and swapping back to stock exhaust.

Some thoughts of what I've considered it to be / needs
  • TBS (not done since I've owned the bike)
  • Dirty injectors... but it feels weird this would only manifest between 2-3k rpm and idles fine
  • Spark Plugs - Which I just ordered a new set to replace just in case.
  • I did an inspection of the throttle body boots and I don't think there is a leak.
  • Air filter, but it is newish and clean
I've got to do a bit of a spring cleaning and over a weekend I want to do:
  • New brake pads
  • Clean the fuel sensor contacts - It's been reading a bit high on gas level.
  • New Spark Plugs - It's still on the originals and they were cheap enough to be "why not"
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I would say that you already have a good plan. I would add a check/adjustment to the TPS when you do the throttle body synchronization, and check the secondaries (if not removed by PO). I always check TPS, do the TBS and recheck TPS again just to be sure.
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Your due for a valve clearance check too.
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