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Any Trooper thoughts on this if you have done any ABS troubleshooting.

I have searched the forum and read what I could find on ABS faults on 2012 bikes. Code 42 is "short or open circuit" on front wheel sensor. I have the Suzuki shop manual and have followed the troubleshooting procedure outlined for this fault. Following the book it leads to the end of the sequence with the ABS HU (ABS hydraulic pump/unit) as the fault. I had some intermittent and questionable readings when checking the front wheel sensor alone while measuring and flexing it. To avoid making an even bigger mistake I replace the front wheel sensor first even though the test results didn't show a hard failure. A mere 150.00 for that. Had to be sure as it was intermittent.

First test ride light went off but has returned. The manual states that removing battery power will clear the error codes so don't remove prior to retrieving the fault codes. However the manual shows how to clear the fault codes with the SDS tool as the process when working on ABS faults and states to make sure the codes are deleted to avoid chasing your tail.

I'm questioning whether I'm truly clearing the memory via removing power because I just started the bike, rode past the speed required to complete the power up self test and the abs light went off as it should. I immediately pulled into my garage with the abs light still off, removed all connections to the plus terminal of the battery and then reinstalled. Put the ABS unit in service mode and the dash displays the same 4 flash followed by 2 flash code for 42. Again trying to avoid digging a bigger hole and jumping in, I need to be assured that the fault codes have been cleared from ABS memory and this is still showing the same even though it was not in fault mode with the last power up self test.

It appears the only way I can be assured of that (considering my battery power removal results) would be to buy a Healtech sds kit and interrogate / clear memory. Lowest price on line I found was 1383.00 for the pump.. eek. Bike has 58,294 miles. 230.00 for healtech sds. I don't want to assume the problem still exists after replacing the front wheel sensor without a known good error log purge. It doesn't make sense that the ABS light would come on after a successful power up self test unless an new fault was being generated. But maybe and the problem was fixed with the new sensor..?

Paging DT or any other Stromtroopers in Minneapolis / St Paul metro area that has an Suzuki SDS tool or equivalent who would be willing to query and delete codes so I know I have a fresh start before before continuing on.
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