Year: 2011
Make: Suzuki
Model: DL650A ABS
Miles: 425xx
Body Style: Adventure
Engine Size: 645cc
Transmission: Standard
Trade: looking to trade to a bigger adventure bike, BMW boxer, triumph tiger

Here's the good, meh and the ugly on the bike.

Pros/extra goodies
Tourtech handle brush guards - keep rocks off your fingers on the highway and wind in the winter.
Renethal handle bars
Givi engine guards - I've never dropped the bike but the previous owner might've as there's slight scraping on one crash bar (or maybe the lane split real bad.....)
Corbin seat - Some wear showing on the piping but honestly the most comfortable saddle I've ever ridden in.
Engine skid plate - lovely to have if you plan on doing that farm field mudding or riding around Chicago pot holes.
Oxford heated grips - works great, allows you to ride for a few extra months, though the grips are starting to wear down.
Side and Top case Mounts - givi side and top
Currently running a 15t front sprocket instead of the original 16t, gives a bit more pep in the step, but runs out of top end quicker.

Recent maintenance
Fall 2021-Sept/October
Oil change
Spark plugs
Air filter
Fuel filter

Spring 2022- April/May
Oil change
Fork rebuild

Neutrals and things I'll throw in
Side cases - none come installed on but if you want the old suziki oem side mounts and 1 bag it's yours.
Top case - I have a single helmet kappa top case and mount that's yours If you want it too.

could probably use a wash
At the end of most ppls riding season/start of the next could probably do with a new chain
Front tire is starting to show it's age but still has tread.

Feel free to ask me anything about your new ride!