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Not sure if this is the right forum but I would like to get some route suggestions for my summer trip. I did this last year when my brother and I rode up from Atlanta and along the eastern shore of Lake Miichigan, up into the UP, and over to Washburn WI and had some great ideas and routes that were recommended.

So this year I will be riding up to Tinley Park IL from Atlanta to meet my brother and from there we are heading to Glenham SD to visit the family farm. From there we would like to head into Billings MT and then drop down through Yellowstone into Salt Lake City. I think we may want to hit Denver or Colorado Springs on the way back home.

At that point we would like to begin our trek back to Atlanta. My guess is he will head back to Atlanta with me and then head back up to Chicago after a little R&R. I will be riding my Wee and he will be on his Ninja 650. My galpal will be joining us on her Shadow 750 as well.

We have two weeks to ride this. Any must see's or route recommendations for this trip?

Looking forward to the suggestions. Also we are leaving after the first week of August and plan to camp most of the time. Anyone that wishes to tag along is welcome.
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