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2011 Purchase Quandry

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I am in the process of buying a very lightly used 2011 DL650.

If you had to travel a good distance to see and pick up the bike (i.e. far away as no good ones are available locally), what would you do to ensure that the bike was honestly represented (i.e. pristine, never in an accident, original owner, broken in properly though it only has 300miles on it).

How could one verify such things sight unseen (aside from pictures)?

How are long distance purchases amongst unknown individuals managed to be fair to both parties?

Thanks and I am looking forward to joining the stromtrooper community?

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Where's the bike located? I see a few references (via Google search) for 'Motorcycle Pre-Purchase Inspectors' in Australia, but very few in the States (mostly in CA). A business opportunity, perhaps?

Maybe you can contact the Service Dept. of the Suzuki dealership nearest the seller and see if they'll inspect the bike for you and prepare a condition report. I doubt they can answer all of your questions (break-in, falls/tip-overs, etc.), though. It should probably be at your expense to ensure partiality. I'm guessing $120 or so?

Good luck...
The bike is located in MI, and I am in NJ, so its a 1300 mi round trip.

The seller is not on good terms with the closest Suzuki Dealership. Which makes me suspicious. They also won't send me the bill of sale. I do have a copy of the title. They also want cash.

Should I continue with this deal? What are the things to look out for?

I am not driving anywhere without some means of confirming the quality of the bike before I leave w/ my trailer.

It has to be a really good deal to be worth your travel time and expense, and if he'll give that good a deal, why can't he find a local buyer? A local stromtrooper might look it over for the cost of a lunch, without any guarantee offered or expected on your part about his ability to comprehensively inspect a bike.

How much cheaper is that one vs. buying a new strom?
The price is about $6000 + local tax. A local dealer wee can be had for about $7300 + tax. 8 months left on the warranty instead of 12, not knowing how the bike is broken in, and 1200 mi of driving, and 300 mi on the odo may or may not be worth $1300-1500. What do you think?
Pulled out

The deal fell through...oh well. I remain V-curious in NJ.
Yeah, I saw that white 2011 that is for sale outside of Detroit. It seems like a good deal if you are within a day's drive and have a trailer or a co-driver.

I like the white so much, I almost thought about buying that white one, transferring my farkles over and selling my 2009... but it is too much hassle, and with local ad valorem tax that we pay it does not make much sense.

Good luck with your search.

Well, I think both the seller and myself are cautious people.
Here are the circumstances:

1) The Seller won't allow the local dealer to inspect/certify the bike for me.
2) The seller won't send out the sales slip showing the date of purchase, the price paid,etc.
3) The seller wants me to show up with cash. Can you say "set-up for robbery"?
4) The seller didn't have much of an internet history, but then again neither do I.

I don't fault the seller for being cautious, but it is too complicated, and it is probably a fine deal if, and only if, you are experienced and local to the area. The way I figure it, I can get one at a local dealer for $7300 +tax, the $1500 is not worth 20+hrs of driving, less warranty, and all the other risks associated with the unknowns. I myself did not realize the complexities - and then I thought about driving 600 miles to a house outside of Detroit with one approach road with $6000 in cash a MC trailer and NJ plates, and a stranger knowing exactly when and where I was going to be approaching...perfect setup. Not saying the seller is evil, but how do I know?

Having the dealer or a trusted party involved is the only way, and only with a certified pre-inspection...too complicated.
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Sounds complicated. I bought my Wee cash from a guy 600 miles away from me (fly and ride). But then, his pictures were good, his description was good, and he was honest and forthcoming.

I didn't ask for an inspection, and he didn't jerk me around. I could tell just from talking to the guy he was going to be easy to deal with.

That was confirmed when I showed up to check out the bike, and he had just swung by the dealer to have the oil changed and have the mechanic give it a quick once-over before I came by, since he had the day off anyway.

Why on earth would the seller not want to show you the invoice?

From the descriptions of dealer experience others have had here, I don't blame him for being on bad terms with his local dealer...

I can think of no good reason why the seller wouldn't send me the invoice.
For future reference, I would like to know if there is a good reason. I was first stumped, and then suspicious about it myself.

That plus insisting on cash instead of a certified bank check, or some other more secure method made me nervous. I can almost understand the cash part, but not wanting to allow the local dealership to inspect the bike on my behalf gave me the willies.

Its funny you mention pictures: If a bike was in a serious accident, and some local shop fixes it up for cash with new plastic and replacement parts, would you be able to tell from pics? I don't think so.

The seller is probably a good person, but the best con-artists and thieves usually do sound like sincere people until you get conned.

I was exposing myself to too many risks, and a bunch of hassle, for not enough reward.
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I'd like to believe all people are ethical, but that has not been my experience.

"Trust, but verify."

I was wondering how the logistics work on the Fly and ride deals.

In order for a Fly and Ride deal to work, I would need to get the bike registered locally to get my plates before I could drive it anywhere which is impossible without the title in hand. So, I am assuming that after paying, the buyer drives the bike back home across state lines (with the signed over title in hand) with the seller's registration and plates and I would have to obviously get it insured in advance. Is that correct?
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