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2011 Magruder Corridor and a little more

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Ladukebob and I just got back from a 8 day ride yesterday, Aug. 27, and here is a picture of the last morning at our campsite.

P.S. We didn't break anything this time.
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Sure was a nice sunrise to wake up to on our last morning. Nice photo :hurray:

I haven't spent much time yet looking at my photos other then to get them transfered to the PC. Spent most of yesterday cleaning the bike and washing gear. Those butterflies really did a number on the front of the bike :jawdrop:

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Nice photo! Looking forward to the rest of the ride report with more pics. I rode the Magruder on my KLR about 5 years ago as part of a 2 week trip thru Montana and Idaho. Beautiful area.

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Well thanks for plowing the road ahead of me.

So I call up Ladukebob to see if he wants to go for a week long ride. I was thinking of riding over to Colorado to catch a couple of days of bicycle racing, but then changed my mind in favor of doing the Magruder Corridor. The weather looked right, no daily parade of thunder storms rolling over the area. My day started out looking into the sun and that was the way it ended. The start was early enough that there were very little traffic so the ride up the McKenzie Pass was bliss.

Just a little early for the Ranger Station to be open, so I'll take a wee break later.

I like stopping here because it is almost always in the shade and it's right between switchbacks, oh yes, the gravel pull out is flat. The guy that just rolled by sounded like he was coasting, thanks, very quiet.

Almost to the summit.

now we have a couple of miles of lava to look at

to the south are the Three Sisters mountains and Wilderness , the North and Middle Sisters are hidding the South Sister.

Nice viewing area beside the highway on the west edge of the town of Sisters.

I get back on Hwy 126 in Sisters and pass through Redmond. This is the first sight of Prineville one gets going east. From here I turn south-east on a small two lane road #380 to a very small of Paulina. The only thing I know about Chief Paulina was he was an Indian war leader and a few other places where named after him.

I follow the Crooked River on 380 past many cattle ranchs and one very large LS Ranch, and their side job is tires.

I had planned to take some gravel from this road up to Dayville, it follows the South Fork of the John Day river, but the road was closed today.

closed road, so on to plan B, go east to Hwy 395, then Hwy 26 east to Prairie City, turn onto 7 and make my way down stream on the Middle Fork of the John Day back to Hwy 395

this is the view looking south at the Strawberry Mtns.

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hillside just before getting to Prairie City

going northwest along the Middle Fk. John Day

back on Hwy 395, this is along the North Fork John Day getting close to Ukiah

I found Dan waiting for a couple of hours at the town park by the corner, it had been a year since I had seen him last, down in Fields Oregon. I needed gas and the gas pump looked to be over 35 years old, but it still worked.

We head out of town on a forest road #52 headed to the Anthony Lakes ski area

a short stop at an overlook

burn area

getting close, we are just west of the ski area

the Elk Horn Mtns. ski area called Anthony Lakes

a very steep run down to the valley floor and back into farm/ranch lands

it's hay time here

the back roads of eastern Oregon, love it

we turn back into the sun to make the final run up a cabin for the night

my first dirt road for the day

nice place to stay the night, it's good to have friends

started the fire for the steaks

another great sunset view

it's getting dark, one last look at the bikes parked for the night

good night to a fine day of riding

Dan, I'll wait for you to add anything about the first day before going on.

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Nice first day report, I'm at work all day but can try to add something this evening. Thanks for getting this started, you're way better at this than I am.

I could post a photo of my non working $500 gps that I'm thinking about smashing with a 5 lb. hammer :headbang:

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Day 2 and camping on the Corridor

------------------------------------------How to get to the start of the Magruder, my way.--------------------------------

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I better get going here looks like Bill is starting day number 2 already. I was up late last night shooting the Dollar lake fire up on the North side of Mt. Hood.

Here's a shot of Mt. Hood just before dropping into Tygh Valley

Had a nice ride over to Ukiah from Hood River. Didn't take any photos on the ride over for some reason. I guess I've seen it all so many times it doesn't occur to me that you may want to.

I couldn't sit at home any longer and ended up leaving a few hours too early so I ended up waiting in Ukiah for a few hours. Which I slept on a picnic table for about one of those hours.

Here we are at that same lookout after leaving Ukiah

And a quit break at the ski area before the drop into Baker Valley

And the money shot :hurray: Bill brought steaks for dinner.

At the last minute I called these friends of ours who own this cool little cabin and it just happen to be free for that night. My wife and I spend about a week here each summer. I've taken probably my best ever photos while staying at this place.

Alright Bill, go ahead and start day two :yesnod:

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Dollar lake fire

I would like to see those fire pictures also, when you get time.

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Day 2

I'm an early riser I guess, so I made a cup of Starbucks instant coffee to last till we get to Baker City. I love the smell of fresh cut sweet grass drying out in the fields.

warming up the bikes in the morning sun

heading towards Haines on the way to Baker City

north end of Elk Horn range, we came from way right picture area

the first In & Out Hamburgers in Oregon

After some fuel for the bikes and a spot of breakfast for us in Baker City, we roll out of town on Hwy 86 towards Richland and Halfway.

This part of Oregon is a kind of high desert without water.

the town of Richland

heading down the grade towards Halfway, the town itself is bypassed by the highway and we don't enter it, but it is the last one before we turn off 86 to start the climb up and over the Wallowa Mts.

Halfway is over there

here is the turn off 86 onto forest road #39 to enter the Hells Canyon Natl. Rec. Area (high mountain side part) and then the Wallowa-Whitman Natl. Forest and get to the town of Enterprise

along this road we see many H-D riders going the other way, and find out later that they just had a ride called the Bronze Run

up and up we go, if you take this road be careful about your position on the road, it seems that everyone wants to have more than there share of it, maybe because of no guard rails and edges that drop way down

towards the end we are back into ranch land and open range area

looking at this picture you see in the center Chief Joseph Mtn, and just at the base of it would be Wallowa Lake but the accumulation of glacier debris that formed it are blocking the view

looking south just outside of the town of Joseph

another nice looking farmstead

the main street of Joseph looking back south with Joseph Mtn. in the background

We took off out of Enterprise heading north on Hwy 3 then stopped at a overlook viewpoint to put on the cooling vests and get a drink. Some of the Bronze Ride people were there also getting some other kind of drinks and enjoying the views.

This part of Hwy 3 is right before we enter the state of Washington.

Here we go, Washington

A little place to eat at the bottom of the canyon on the Grande Ronde river.

Looking back from were we came from.

The Snake River on the right with Clarkston and Lewiston around the corner.

Over the blue bridge into Lewiston, and the state of Idaho, then jump on Hwy 95 toward Grangeville.

On the way to Grangeville there are a few sets of bridge works being done, with one lane traffic, so we wait our turn.

Downtown Grangeville.

On Mt. Idaho Grade Rd. I find a well hidden small drive-in at Grangeville still working.

Just at the edge of east Grangeville is the Mt. Idaho Grade Rd. that we took for a short cut over to Hwy 14 towards Elk City, some smoke still in the air.

I kept waiting for the air to cool down while on this part of the road, but no deal, still very warm.

If you have enough gas to get to Darby take the right road, it will bypass Elk City on pavement. We got gas in Grangeville, 50 miles back, so we had plenty.

Most of Elk City was closed on the east end, there seemed to be only one place to eat or get gas on the west side. This was one of the store fronts on the uptown side.

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those are some awesome pictures of the fire! i saw some other ones from some relatives i have in the area.

great ride up and pictures so far guys. i hope to do the magruder corridor next year, and it's nice seeing some of the other roads out there in eastern oregon.

keep coming with the pictures! :hurray:

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Day 2

The Red River Ranger Station seemed to also be closed for the most part.

A look at the ranger station mapboard of the area. The green line is the Corridor and the right circled area is the campground of Granite Springs.

Here is the turn off of the Magruder Corridor that is on the Red River/Dixie Rd. about less than a 1/2 mile from ranger station.

Dan arrives at the Granite Springs campground.

We park the bikes in the center of the circle loop road around the camp.

I found the Granite Springs just to the south edge of the campgrounds down the hill. It's very cold water, and there is a sign posted that the water should be boiled, treated or filtered.

View of our tent area from the road.

A rare view of inside my tent at night, much too hot to get in the sleeping bag just yet.

Good night Dan.

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I would just like to add that there seems to be at least one natural wonder in Elk City


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Day 3

The mosquitoes were still up and about this morning as we tried to pack the bikes with our gear. I had my coffee and some raisin and spice oatmeal. The weather still looked to be holding with no change.

I got up again a little early to get a picture or two like this one.

I checked my oil on this road and thought it was just a little low, later I found out it wasn't. No harm done.

This was our first burn area that we rode through, the flowers were a soft touch to the scorched hills.

Off goes Dan and I'll follow in just a bit, he will go a few miles then wait for me then go ahead again.

There was areas that do give you a chance to view out a little better.

Poet Creek Camp Ground was about 7 or 8 miles from our camp and as soon as you cross the creek bridge the road changes. You start to climb a little steeper and the dirt road isn't as level as it was, then you start to get sharper switchbacks also.

still climbing after leaving Poet Creek

Question to the collective, high on the ridge next to the road I found this. What is this thing?

I was looking forward to seeing this road, but thought better of giving it a try.

The sign also held fire reports for 3 fires in the area.

We take a short break at a great view point to get a few more pictures.

We both agree that this was the point it got just a little bit tricky, loose shale rocks.

another long climb with long distance views

pause to get a picture and speed off

then I turn around to see the wild flowers

going down a long ways now

we encounter about a dozen mountain bikers heading up

another stop to talk to the last mountain biker doing the Magruder Corridor as a supported group

just after this picture the road gets brushy on the inside, and we start to almost run into traffic, they see us just in time to avoid a smackdown

I was glad to see the bridge, the traffic was starting to worry me. Just after we got off the bridge a full size pickup camper rolled over heading up, then about 20 minutes later another large 4X4 pickup pulling a livestock trailer with horses on board would head up. I wonder how they work out the passing.

a view under the bridge

see I told you I was glad to get to the bridge

We are now in the state of Montana on Hwy 473 heading toward Darby for some fuel and lunch

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Day 3

Heading south on Hwy. 93 the smoke is getting thick

this was as bad as it got before we turned east again at the Lost Trail Pass

I like it when I see another traveler on two wheels

another over the shoulder shot back at the burn as we enter Wisdom then turn north

Wise River had gas and a cold drink

at Wise River we turn south on Rd. 73 to find a camping place

I love the views looking south

a closeup view of the map of camping sites, we went by everyone before we turned around to pick the Price Creek camp.

smile Dan we'll find one soon I think

just up the road a little more is the Price Creek CG

This is it, home for the night.
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