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2010 Front Break Lever

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Well, it happened - bike got dropped in a parking lot (d'oh!) and now I am looking for a new Front Break lever.

I checked on a few online sources, but I can't seem to confirm if the break lever on the 2010 is the same as the 2009 or before (found a decent deal on a Motion Pro OE Replacement lever - but they will not guarantee it will fit on a 2010).

Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Oh yeah - if anyone has any recommendations for touch up paint for SW Motech Crash Bars, that would be appreciated to :headbang:

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There are no differences between the 2010 and 2009 brake levers. I used a marking pen to touch up a crash bar but the scrape was tiny.

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I wear the scratches on my crash bars like badges. I've earned 'em and I'm gonna show 'em, specially those from the creek dumpin' bath. I may put some sharpie marker on them later, but for now, they represent my practicing to be an off road rider.:headbang:
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