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Hi there,

I'm not used to using forums so hopefully I'm posting this in the right area ! I'm posting from Australia.

I have a 2009 ABS Strom 650 but one of the plastic lugs that holds the front mudguard to the fork of the bike has shattered.

I'm intending replacing the whole front mudguard rather than trying to repair the existing guard.

So my question - if I'm looking at purchasing a replacement from a wreckers yard or a 2nd hand bike ...

Is there any difference between the front mud guards on an 2009 ABS v-strom650 and a 2009 NON ABS v-strom650 ?
Or could I buy a happily buy a second hand mudguard from a 2009 NON ABS v-strom650 and it WILL work just fine on my 2009 ABS v-strom650.


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If by mud guard you mean fender, then yes. Both the ABS and non-ABS fenders have the same part numbers for 2009 (K9) - 53111-06G00. Also, the 2006 (K6), 2007 (K7), and 2008 (K) all use the same fender part number. There is a slight color difference; some bikes came with a flat black fender (YKV) and other a gloss black fender (YAY).

You might want to double check this on an on-line Australian Suzuki parts site micro-fiche, just to make sure.

PS: Welcome to the forum, Mark.

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Can we call you "Wombat"? That's a lot cooler than "Mark".

Believe it or not, the front fender interchanges on ALL 2002 - 2012 DL1000 and DL650 models.

Gloss black, found on most 2002-2012 DL1000s and DL650s:

Flat black, found on some 2004-2009 DL650s:

Some DL650 examples got the flat black fender, but I have no idea which ones or why. Probably related to the paint color somehow. Most got the gloss black. In any case, the hunk of plastic is the same.

The ABS models got a spiffy little sticker.

There are many Suzuki parts websites that will let you check parts diagrams, then punch in the part numbers to see interchanges. Here's the one I use because they're close to my house:

Find your part number, then visit:
Punch in the part number, then click "where used" on the left to see a list of bikes where that part was used.

I love Suzuki's philosophy of parts bin engineering; it makes life so much easier for those of us who don't buy a new bike every year...
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