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2006 to 2007 RHS Switchgear changes?!

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I am new to VStroms and I have noticed a difference between the 2006 and the 2007 v-stroms that I have in my possession.

The one on the 2007 feels nicer on the finger it has a little edge and seems like the stock one. The 2006 I believe is an aftermarket replacement but I'm not really sure.

This is the rhs switch gear on the 2007:
Automotive tire Automotive lighting Gas Carbon Tints and shades

This is the rhs switch gear on the 2006:
Automotive tire Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Automotive mirror Vehicle

I'd like to swap them if they have the same end connector and I will do some research shortly to see if that's possible but wanted to see if this is the stock components or not on the 2006. It is my plan to keep the 2006 and sell the 2007.

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Thanks for those part diagrams, that answers my question that the 2006 RHS Switchgear is stock. Wondering now if the end connectors are the same and these could be swapped ...?

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