Selling a rear shock rebuilt by Sasquatch suspensions with a port installed for servicing and heavier spring & oil weight than stock, and custom valving. Would be great for 2-Up riding or offroad use. The shock will fit either a 1st gen 650 or 1000, but would probably fair better on a 650. My understanding is a 650 shock can be used on a 1000, but will raise the rear end slightly (7mm) and is a little softer in stock form than the 1000 stock rear. I suspect this rebuilt shock would still be stiffer than a stock 1000 rear shock, though.

From Sasquatch Suspension's website:

I pioneered rebuilding of the stock Vstrom shock. I am an adventure touring rider myself and am intimately knowledgeable about the demands that an adventure rider places on their bikes. Sasquatch Suspensions has hundreds of satisfied customers who I have built shocks for. Your stock Vstrom shock can be fully rebuilt and performance valving set up, then add a custom spring for your weight and loads, all for much less than a replacement shock. Compare that to an Ohlins that runs $1200.00. It is a great bargain. You send me your suspension and it will be sent back to you fully rebuilt and customized based on your needs.
We will never use "off the shelf" valving or springs. Our line of DL springs are custom made in the US to our specifications to perfectly fit and match the DL. All of our valving components are also US made.

The shock was last serviced with 15 wt. oil back in 2013, but the guy I bought my Vstrom from used it a couple of times, decided he wanted to send it back for a different oil weight and didn't get around to it, so just threw it in with my purchase when I got the bike. I never installed it, so the shock has seen at most a few months of use in its current form. I don't know the specific specs the shock was built for, but based on the bike's previous owner and talking with him about it, I think it was built for a rider in the 210 lb range that liked to do a lot of offroad riding, so I think it's configured to be pretty stiff. Shock spring appears to say "70" on it?

Sasquatch charges $400 for this custom rebuilt service, plus you need to send in a stock shock for modification. I'm currently firm on $250 plus shipping. Local pickup in northern NJ is an option, too.