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1st Gen DL650 Measurement Request

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Could someone with a 1st Gen 650 measure the center-center distance between the cable stays bolts on the forward end of the upper triple tree clamp for me?

Thinking about getting one of those aux dash panels for my Vee, but want to see if I can just drill/tap another hole in the upper triple tree to mount it instead of using the left upper fork tube clamp bolt.

Appreciate it.
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My crude measurement with a tape measure: 4.5"s ish center ish to center ish
Thank you. I will use that to determine if a hole could be drilled/tapped to use a 650 dash panel.
Looks like a hole could be drilled/tapped for a 650 aux dash panel. Planning ahead for a Winter project. Will have to remove the upper triple clamp of course to drill/tap hole. Be really nice if I could find someone with a drill press I could use.

Or I guess I could try to find a used 650 upper tree; read on here that someone says it fits fine.

Thanks again.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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