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Was riding up 16N to Tazewell yesterday when overtaken by a bunch of folks on, I think, a Bandit, a Triumph Tiger, *a Blue DL650*, some other bikes, and an older, white BMW bringing up the rear. Riders all kitted out in textile andf mesh touring gear.

I moved over to let them pass, then fell in behind on my light blue metallic 06 Strom. I tried to hang with 'em in the twisties, but I have never been on that road and could never tell if a turn would become a sweeper or a blind swichback. Mostly it was the latter, and that turned a big portion of the ride, for me, into slow parking lot practice. By the time I made it through, the group was already off their bikes with helmets in hand at some general store. We crossed paths again as I was heading back from Tazewell, and they were coming the other way. Beautiful day.

At some point while following them, too, we were met by another solo blue DL650 coming the other way.

Was it anyone here?

It was a great day to ride yesterday, and I had a great ride.
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