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I have a 2007 with 19,500 miles and I am doing the first service other than oil changes. I have it all apart and will do everything listed in the maintence manual. I will inspect and change as need be. Buy the Service Manual. Even if you don't do the work yourself, you can refer to the manual to get a better understanding as to what needs to be done and what it takes to do it. I bought my manual through my dealer four years ago for about $75. They may be a little more now. Maybe $100.00. Then watch this forum for a few corrections to the manual. Or just ask us and you will get answers.

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Air filter @ 11,000
Spark plugs @ 7,500 & 14,500
Engine oil (filter every 10,000)
Valve clearance check, adjust as needed
Idle speed check (1300 rpm)
Throttle valve synch
(I like to set the throttle position sensor @ 1400 ~ 1700 rpm)
Engine coolant (2 yrs unless you get long-life 5 yr stuff)
Brake fluid (2 years)
Inspect, clean, lube, tighten everything as appropriate and needed.
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