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110/80 R19, 160/60 R17 for vstrom 1000

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Good morning People,

I can get a good deal on almost new tires.

size:110/80 R19, 160/60 R17
Type Dunlop trailmax

What do you think ?

BTW I have 180/17 street tires on my vstrom for 3 yeas now.. sine I bought this bike.

Thank you
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If you've been running a 180 then a 160 would be no problem!!! This is from a guy who went to the 'Darkside'. :D
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Seems like it would work all right, if you've been running a 180 rear tire without clearance issues.
If you don't mind in posting a pix or three of before and after installation, as a comparision wrt to the tire to swingarm clearance and profile.
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Double check that the 160/60 has the same or higher load rating as the OEM size 150/70.

Edit: I just checked and there doesn't seem to be a Dunlop Trailmax Mission in 160/60 x 17. You sure of the model and/or size?
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