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1. Heating grips connection - 2. VISTA Cruise speed control

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Hi all

I am a NEWBIE in here and happy that there is a Forum like this for my bike Suzuki V-Strom 650 2023.

I have 2 Questions:

1. Where do I locate the OEM connection for heating Grips. How much do I have to dismantle? How does it look like? evt. pictures?

2. I have bought a VISTA CRUISE due to use of this one on my earlier bikes. I was very satisfied with this type and would like to try it on my new Suzuki? But but, there is not enough space for it (even that it is slim) - is there a easy way doing this?

Thank you for any reply on these matters.

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The OEM connection for Heating Grips is located on the left side of the bike, behind the rad, taped to the wiring harness

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Sorry, can't help you with the Vista Cruise as I went with a knock off Atlas Throttle Lock from AliExpress

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I bought my dad a knockoff Atlas cruise for his Vstar 950 for his birthday. 1/3 the price and it looks like it will work good.
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Thank you so much all.

VistaCruise I have a Plan. I will try to install it as I already have it.

Tks again

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I have checked my connections according to super quick reply Pictures (Dusty Boots);):)

But mine is occupied (I have read that there is a difference to mine European model) I will have to investigate more connections.
Hi all interested, I have checked with my Suzuki Dealer, he was surprised that the connection was occupied. He will look info this matter (2023 model?) and hopefully give me an Answer within 2-3 weeks (he is very busy)😔
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check out a NEP cruise. Look on Amazon. There are a couple versions and they are only like $25. I have been using these on every bike I have (even the ones with electronic cruise control since this NEP oe is SO easy to operate) since 1979.
Hi and tks for info. They are a lookalike to Vista Cruise. I will try my Vista Cruise now I already godt Them ;)
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